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Smile Need experienced programmer for 3D side-scroller.

Team Structure

Me (Lead Designer - Illustrator)
Fiancee (Co-Designer)
Ried (Co-Designer - Story - Assisting Animator)
Issa (Animator)
Benny Kayser (Level Designer)
Ako (3D Artist)
Kmau (2D Animator - Concept Artist - Level Asset Designer)
Uma (Concept Artist)

Talent Needed

Unfortunately we had to let the programmer go due to his inactivity so the position is open again. You will not follow up his programming. You will start from scratch enabling yourself to create a nice working environment for your coding.


1. At least 1 finished game. (Shipped prefferred)

2. 4 hours a day. More on weekends is merely required. (We have a schedule in GDD)

3. Open minded and can share your progress with us as you progress. We do not want a programmer who will never talk, never socialize nor ever be online on Skype.

4. Yes, Skype and Gmail is 2 requirements as well.

5. Be prepared for the loads of work. We're building a Mario Bros. Wii/U/World kind of game. That means a lot of coding.

6. Know Unity. We'll use Unity to power our game.

7. You should be a dedicated person. We love what we do, you should too.


Contact Method (Preferred E-mail) (Facebook)
Aeranima (Skype)

Previous Work by Team

None but some of us has developed shipped titles. Drakensang online, sacred 2...

Team name

Aeranima Entertainment

Project Name

Jelly Kid

Target Aim

We will start with a 3 map prototype. Then we will start with creating 1 world at a time, tweak it and when we're happy with what we've designed - we move forward.

Compensation Plan

If we decide to market the game then we will require from everyone that has participated to create this game to sign contract-binding agreements such as a written non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and a confidentiality agreement (CA). We will also further into the development value the work you have contributed with for this game in order for us to agree to a salary for your provided work based upon the royalties that we have or may receive when the game is published.


We're aiming for PC first and then hopefully we can expand to Wii. We'll use Unity to power our game.


The game features the Jelly Kid and his jelly-like hair he'll be doing a lot with. The game will mimic the modern Mario/Kirby side-scrolling games but still be unique and differ from them. If you like the Super Mario games then this is a game to be going deeper into.

The player navigates through the game via two game screens: an overworld map and a level playfield. The overworld map displays an overhead representation of the current world and has several paths leading from the world's entrance to a final stage of the available world. Paths connect to action panels, fortresses, haunted forests and other map icons, and allows the player to take different routes to reach the world's goal. Moving the on-screen character to an action panel or fortress will allow access to that zone’s playfield. The majority of the game takes place in these levels, populated with obstacles and enemies, with the player traversing the stage by running, jumping, and dodging or defeating enemies. Completing stages allows the player to progress through the overworld map and to succeeding worlds. Each world features a final stage with a sub-boss to defeat before Jelly Prince gets away...again! At least until the last level in the eighth world where the last battle will go down and Jelly Kid will come out victorious.


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Old Mar 21st, 2013, 8:38 AM   #2
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Re: Need experienced programmer for 3D side-scroller.

You can close the thread. We have a programmer. (:

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