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Old Mar 1st, 2012, 3:57 PM   #1
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HTML help

Hello, first time poster to this site. Been looking for some help, I started building my own webpage and teaching myself a bit of css / html. Right now I am stuck because I am building an ecommerce site that sells products. My categories on the left of my page come out all mashed together on top of each other. I am not sure what I did in this coding but I am hoping someone can help.

<notag rst:if="{context:catId}" rst:xml:categoryinfo="{context:__storesapiurl}?verb=GCI&{context:__store}&GCI.detailLevel=109&GCI.catId={context:catId}"/>
<notag rst:ifnot="{context:catId}" rst:xml:categoryinfo="{context:__storesapiurl}?verb=GCI&{context:__store}&GCI.detailLevel=65"/>
<div class="Categories">
<h1 rst:content="editordata:/Editor/EditableContent/CategoryTreeTitle"></h1>

<div rst:if="{categoryinfo:/Storefront/CategoriesInfo/Status} eq Success">
 <notag rst:define:maxcnt="0"/>
 <notag rst:repeat:category="categoryinfo:/Storefront/CategoriesInfo/Categories/Category">
  <notag rst:if="{category1:@itemCount} gt {maxcnt}" rst:define:maxcnt="{category1:@itemCount}"/>
 <notag rst:define:fcntlim="{maxcnt} / 4"/>
 <notag rst:define:cntlim="rst:round({fcntlim})"/>
 <notag rst:define:cntlim3="{cntlim} * 3"/>
 <notag rst:define:cntlim2="{cntlim} * 2"/>

 <notag rst:define:categories="categoryinfo:/Storefront/CategoriesInfo/Categories/Category" rst:local="1">
  <notag rst:include="modules/__subcategories"/>

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Old Mar 6th, 2012, 4:26 AM   #2
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Re: HTML help

that's great .. you are creating your website by self... you want to learn html than you can learn w3school. that's great website..
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Old Dec 12th, 2012, 8:01 AM   #3
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Re: HTML help

The information you provide not enough for help and sort out your mistake, you must provide the link of your website.
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