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Angry reading problem from file called "INPUT"

c Syntax (Toggle Plain Text)
  1. #include <stdio.h>
  2. #include <stdlib.h>
  4. int main()
  5. {
  6. FILE *f1;
  7. char c;
  9. /* open the file INPUT*/
  10. f1=fopen("INPUT","r");
  11. /*read charchetrs from INPUT*/
  12. while((c=getc(f1)!=EOF))
  13. /*display character on screen*/
  14. printf("%c",c);
  15. fclose(f1);
  17. return 0;
  19. }
this is program for reading a file INPUT...but the problem is that when i gonna to execute the application the its run well but i cldnt able to read the data what i wrote in the file INPUT...i can write to a file INPUT well but i cldnt read a same data when i gonna to read the data....

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Re: reading problem from file called "INPUT"

Read the "How to Post" thread, put your code in code tags, and explain what WAS wrong. I suspect your program closed before you had a change to read it, as it should. If so, put a getchar () immediately before the return, then press ENTER when you're ready to close.
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Re: reading problem from file called "INPUT"

line 7: variable c should be int, not char because getc() returns an int. Then on line 14 you will need to typecase c back to char like this: printf("%c", (char)c);

Otherwise I don't know why that program will not read the file. Maybe the file as an extension, such as INPUT.TXT ? Or if on *nix operating system the file name is not all upper-case like you posted? Or the file is not in the directory where you think it is. Lots of reasons why the program will not open the file.

[edit]what DaWei ^^^ said too.[/edit]
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