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Will pay for LC-3 assembly language program help

Here are the requirements;
Program 1
A program that performs a logical shift of a bit pattern to the left by a certain amount (a number between 0 and 16, including 0 and 16). The program should assume that the initial bit pattern to be shifted is in memory location x3100 and the shift amount is stored in memory location x3101. Using thos values, your program should perform the left shift and store the result in location x3102. The program should start at memory location x3000.

Program 2
A program that rotates a bit pattern to the left by a certain amount, (again a number between 0 and 16, including 0 and 16). The bit pattern is found in location x3100 with the rotate amount in memory location x3101. As before, the result is to be placed in location x3102. The program starts at location x3000. The difference between a rotate and a shift is that the bits that would have been lost in the shift are 'wrapped' around and moved into the right side of the pattern. For example, if the original pattern is 1101000100001011 and the rotate amount is 0000000000001100 (decimal 12), the result in x3102 should be, 1011110100010000.

Program 3
A program that reverses a bit pattern in memory. In this program, you are to assume that the bit pattern is given in location x3100 and that all the bits are to be reversed and then placed in location x3102. For example, if the bit pattern is 1010100101001011 is stored in location x3100, then the pattern to be placed in x3102 should be, 1101001010010101
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lc-3 programming help

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