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If this MIPS thangy is worth a poot in a windstorm, then you can almost certainly AND an immediate value like 1. Please understand that any number can be expressed in any base. 1 (decimal), 0x01 (hex), 0001b, all those things contain the same value in your machine. The representation is for your brain. Those all look alike, but many don't. 10 (decimal), 0x0A (hex), and 00001010 (binary) ALL REPRESENT THE SAME EXACT PATTERN INSIDE YOUR MACHINE. This is something you must realize and come to terms with.
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	la $a0,prompt_in      #print prompt on terminal
	li $v0,4              #prints a string on the terminal

	li $v0,5	      #reads in an integer
	sw $v0,num1

	la $a0,prompt_ina      #print prompt on terminal
	li $v0,4               #prints a string on the terminal

        li $v0,5	       #reads in an integer
	sw $v0,num2

	lw $v0,num1		#set a
	lw $t0,num2		#set b

	xor $v1,$v0,$t0		# $v1 is c.  compare $v0 and $t0 and store in $v1

	move $s1, $zero		#s1 is the counter set to 0
	move $s2, $zero		#set hamming to 0
	li $s6,1		#set $s6 to 1
	and $s4,$v1,$s6		#s4 is d and c with d store in $s4	
	beq $s4, 0,nohamming	#jump to nohamming if $s4 is equal to 0
	addi $s2, $s2, 1	#increment hamming
	srl $v1, $v1, $s6	#shift c right by 1
	addi $s1, $s1, 1	#i = i + 1 increment loop counter
	ble $s1,32,loop		#if loop counter <=32 go to loop

	la $a0,prompt_out      #print prompt on terminal
	li $v0,4              #prints a string on the terminal

	move $a0, $s2		# syscall 1 prints an integer
	li $v0, 1

	li $v0,10              #exit program

prompt_in:    .asciiz "Enter first integer: "            # first integer
prompt_ina:    .asciiz "Enter second integer: "          #second integer
prompt_out:   .asciiz "The hamming distance is "
num1: .word 0
num2: .word 0
again thank you so much for the help.
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