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RSS Builder


Our company is looking for someone that can build a RSS builder.

We are searching a programmer to build a RSS Builder because there is no such RSS builder where you can put in exactly what we need.

We are a company that streams movie's and right now we manually typ in all the RSS in the system. This takes to much time, and time is money. We can't have this anymore, that's why we need a program that does automatically what we want.

What do we expect from the RSS Builder. We have a couple of item's we need to put in the RSS. The RSS builder has to put it online as well. Not overwriting it but to add the new RSS item to the exist RSS File. This information is from IMDB.

For example:
<title>All Stars</title>
<pubDate>Fri, 15 Mar 1997 00:00:00 +0000</pubDate>
<guid isPermaLink="true">Link</guid>
<media:content url="480 link" type="video/mp4" fileSize="854000" bitrate="1190" height="480" width="854" duration="5400"/>
<media:content url="720p link" type="video/mp4" fileSize="2071000" bitrate="2920" height="720" width="1280" duration="5400"/>
<media:thumbnail url="Movie image link" width="1000" height="1500"/>
<description><![CDATA[The members of a Dutch soccer team have been playing together since they were little boys. Now, in their twenties, they all have have their own "grown-up" problems. With the team's 500th game coming up, personal issues take almost all their time... ]]></description>
<media:credit role="director">Jean van de Velde</media:credit>
<media:credit role="actor">Danny de Munk</media:credit>
<media:credit role="actor">Antonie Kamerling</media:credit>
<media:credit role="actor">Daniël Boissevain</media:credit>
<media:credit role="author">Mischa Alexander</media:credit>
<media:credit role="imdb">7.1</media:credit>

This is a RSS file as we use it. It takes the plot, director, 3 of the main actor's, the author and the imdb rating.
So we need a program that make this code automatically and puts the new item underneath the older ones. (Add, not overwriting)

If someone is able to do this job, send me a message. We talk about the prize later, because it depends on how fast the job is done etc.

If there are more questions, just ask me.

Thanks in advance,

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