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Lightbulb Re: WEB-VIDEO-PLAYER programmer / developer wanted [Partnership]

Ancient Dragon:

Thank you!
And, OK, let's hope some expert will seize the opportunity I offer.

About your question: Yes, of course, all the artists are happy I play their singing on my YouTube channels. And, of course, I will send email to all the singers to inform them I play their videos on my TV, saying if they don't want it, just let me know. And that's not problem to ask them, in the email message, to reply me saying the permission. But, 99% of the videos will be embedded from YouTube. So, it will be the same way like on YouTube where people play someone's video. And, even more, ALL videos on my TV will have the annotation with a link to the original page so that I can support the artists (their YouTube channels / their websites) which is the MAIN purpose of the project. You know, I hate when talented singers stop singing just because nobody knows them. I am going to build and run a music-web-video-player-website (TV) TO SUPPORT / PROMOTE UNKNOWN TALENTED SINGERS, MOSTLY BEGINNING TALENTED SINGERS. (I see many "popular" singers who sing commercial shits but they are "popular" just because they have professional teams and big capital to be promoted.) There're so many talented singers but nobody knows them. Usually young people, teenagers. They usually sing at home in their bedroom, toilet, bathroom and maybe in a school / church. Many of them, they stop singing just because they have to study and find a "proper" job where is a sure salary. (Usually their parents insist on them to do so.) What a pity, by this way, so many talented beautiful voices are lost for ever. I want to build and run such website where I will be playing their singing in one main web video player like in TV but not live (with better way...SEE the technical specification of project above in my first post of this thread). I believe, such website will become well-known like MTV with big number of viewers to support / promote unknown talented singers to get fans for them so that they could make a living by singing, in the future, so that their talents and beautiful voices could not be lost for ever. The main reason why I am working on this project is a charity. (I have ready a more complicated project for programmers to support the singers even more with more attractive website but such project would take several months for a programmer. I believe, after the short programming project will be done and run, the programmer will be happy to upgrade my website according to the complicated project, because he/she will already know, my idea works very well.)

SteveO :

About the buffering:
I just want the best what is possible. You know, sometimes I see videos on some websites where I have to wait 10 minutes to play a short video. But on YouTube, I usualy do not need wait at all. It usually plays immediately.

About the time that the work takes:
I believe, experts about web video players, surely already have ready tones of codes. To copy one and paste, it takes a few minutes. To modify the codes (adding and modify lines, it could take a few hours or a few days (weekend?).) Yes, if some one is not the expert and do not have ready tones of codes, yes, it can take a few weeks. I do not want any extra special features for the player. Even the code that automatically find out which videos are already played by individual viewers, are ready made. Just copy and paste and modify. I am not any programmer, so I do not have such codes and I do not know where to find them.


Here are things that have been simplified than the complicated project that takes several months. This project is ABSOLUTELY SIMPLE / DIFFERENT than the complicated project:

• NO interface! (I will be adding videos directly into the codes (Probably into XML? With pasting links and with adding names of the videos/files/directories where will be uploaded videos by ME only) and other things will be done with the modifying the codes by me, only! NO interface needed!)

• NO public playlist! (only playlist, in probably XML, available for ONLY me!) (Public playlists I have on my YouTube channels. On my new own website will be the link for viewers to see the playlists on my YouTube channels. In short: YouTube channels are a "public storage", and this my own website will be "TV".)

• NO public login/sign in! (Because only me will be the one who will be adding videos to keep the high quality of the singing to keep here only TALENTED singers with nice voice and the feeling.)

• NO public web site features! (On only one public web page will ONLY be the web video player with a background (picture / photo) with links

• ONLY one public web page! (On only one public web page will ONLY be the web video player with a background (picture / photo) with links

You said:
"...You also have fewer features than YouTube currently requested...what makes you think your site will jump ahead of YouTube on Google?..."

I've heard there are some applications that make able to include my website in search engines (Google etc.) in the frontmost placings on the first page on Google and the other search engines. Some company (programmers) offered me this service but wanted cash for this one. (I accept only the deal I offer. So I did not accept their offer. Maybe they did not mean: "the frontmost placings " but only to be included into the "searching" when people type keywords on Google and the other search engines. I don't know whether that application really exists....) By the way, my competition will not be YouTube but other internet TV.

Some features will be the same like on YouTube. For example: The annotations. But simpler for programmers to make it because the links to websites and the text will be entered only by ME, directly into the code. So, no complicated interface.

Yes, my website will be better than YouTube, because YouTube just is a "storage of videos" where are mixed shits with beautiful singing. Nothing more!

There are 3 main differences that makes my project better than YouTube is:

1) My website will be a TV. (Not a "storage of videos" like YouTube is!) Viewers will be watching ONE player where will be played unlimited numbers of videos that are not repeated! Not needed more clicks! Just one click to open my website and watch / enjoy! (On YouTube, you have to many times click on playlists, ...and the videos are repeated because the number of the videos in the playlists, is small = limited.)

2) The quaity of the singing videos: My TV website will be playing only a good quality singing, carefully selected by me. So, the viewers will be able only enjoy wathing the nice videos. Not to search nice videos. Only watching. Because all the videos will be beautiful! The videos already will be selected!

3) Singers wil be able to enjoy their creative work to make their "Little Page" on the main and only one public page of my website (where will be the player, to be promoted there! They will send me (by email) their requested "Little Page" and I will include it into the background and upload it, plus I will add on their "Little Page" links to their websites they want. (Please SEE the 9) of the description of my project above, to know how easy work this one will be for a programmer so that I can do that.)
(Since YouTube have downgraded their features with the new shit design which has NO background, people cannot apply their creative desires, any more, on YouTube.)

You said: " most certainly do not want to post links via want to add videos to a database, and have the application retrieve videos from the database. It requires some more work upfront, but allows for a much more versatile application..."

You do not understand.
I DO want to post links = URL via HTML (or XML). 99% of the videos will be embedded with URL from YouTube and other websites because this way is quicker than to upload videos. And also because embedded videos from YouTube usually have almost no waiting time for the buffering.
But, seldom, if I want to upload a video, I will upload it into a sub-folder in the "Folder Manager" of my website. I mean the "Folder Manager" where is the root, applications, folders, sub folders.... I will type the path of a sub-folder into the HTML or XML, and upload videos into a sub-folder. Simple.

Yes, my dream is to have a proper database for videos to be able to offer more versatile features for viewers, but that is about that complicated project I mentioned above, that its work requires several months. But now, let's talk about this short project, only, because programmers have to be sure my idea works very well, before programmers start to work on very complicated long programming project (several-month-programming project).

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