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browser and OS identifier

i'm making a page with embedded video in it but instead of have people select the format they want i'd like it just to play automatically based on their browser/OS...i've seen things in people's signatures when i've browsed forums where it tells what browser and OS you're running, so i was thinking of using code like that to have the correct video format automatically play...can anyone share a helping link or some code? thanks
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Re: browser and OS identifier

This is done by poking into the User-Agent attribute in the HTTP Header of the request made to your server. Some browsers will send some OS information along inside, and so you can parse that out.

The problem is that there's no "standard" way to encode the OS information in the User-Agent, nor is a browser required to send that information, nor is that information even guaranteed to be accurate. Some users can even choose to fake (i.e. "spoof") the information placed into the User-Agent if they do desire.

I would suggest looking into seeing what people have wrote in terms of mapping User-Agents to OS/Browser information. Surely someone has already written a parser/mapper in PHP with some amount of success.

If you want to tackle this yourself, then take a look at $_SERVER['HTTP_USER_AGENT']. There is also a get_browser() function.
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Re: browser and OS identifier

You can use PHP for detecting user agent.

You could use a small if else chain, with different codecs for different browsers.

First, check to see if it is a browser known to support HTML5 video (WebM) and use that.

Failing that, you can also check to see what plugins they have. If they have flash, you could use one of many free flash-based movie players.

Just an idea.

As Sane said though, many people can spoof their UA. I did this myself at one time.

A lot of the time, browsers might also identify differently. For example, at one time I tested a webserver by accessing it in Chrome.

I checked the Apache access logs and for that it said Safari as the User Agent, when I know it was chrome (remember that both chrome and safari use the webkit rendering engine).

hope that helps.
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Re: browser and OS identifier

use properties of navigator object in javascript
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