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Smile Re: So You Want To Learn To Program?

Originally Posted by Freaky Chris View Post
C is probably quite good for robotic AI too
No doubt about C being a great language for robotic AI.

One interesting note is this basic lesson...
My Grandfather was a Medical Doctor as well as my Father.
My Grandfather told me when I was a teenager that my father didn't know his butt from a hole in the ground as far as his wisdom being a Doctor when dad was mid thirties in age.
Later on Grandpa's death bed one of the wonderful things he told me was....(shortened version)
My father was indeed a wise man and had moved down the hard path through time and hard work, dealing with many patients to come to where he is now.
But to explain what he had said about my father many years before, he said this...
any Engineer of anytype, a Scientist, a Doctor or Lawyer, who comes straight out of school with their degree, finding that first job and sticking with it for decades is basically dumb as a box of rocks.....Until they begin to lose what they learned intellectually and replace with what they learn living in the moment from their experience.

How does this relate to the topic???
No book or degree is going to do anything much for you. You only THINK it will.
Work the language, get interested and learn everything you can about your problem, investing ungodly number of hours in this craft.
For programming is a craft and can only be learned by programming.
Throw your degree away in your Mind, it doesn't exist except to make you think you're better than someone else, or simply worthy.
Work it and learn to love programming.
Look at the world's problems as programs and algorithms that sort 'em out.

There are pitifully a small number of programming books worth your time.
Most are rubbish.

Does anyone disagree with these summations based over decades of experience?
I say anyone with a degree can do anything they want and become as good or fall away and out of programming.
And just as powerfully, someone with a powerful desire to learn a language and everything they can about the architecture they are working on without a degree is just as able as the degree holder.
I see no difference between the two where ever I work.

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